Viatris Healthcare Hong Kong Limited ("Viatris") has noticed that a number of websites and social media have illegally used our advertising visuals, product images, and plagiarized the product descriptions of our brand “Viagra”. These websites also claim to be the "official website of the authorized distributor in Hong Kong" and provide online ordering services.

We wish to notify the public that Viatris has no affiliation with these websites, and we are not related to these websites in any way. We also wish to remind the public that Viagra is a prescription medicine that should only be purchased with a doctor's prescription and under the supervision of a pharmacist. The public is recommended to purchase our product at one of our authorized dealers, a list of which can be found at our official website

The public is reminded not to purchase medicines with doubtful composition or from unknown sources.

Viatris has reported these incidents to the Hong Kong Customs & Exercise Department. We reserve all our rights to take the appropriate legal actions against these counterfeit websites and related personnel.